About Us

Welcome to our about us page! We are a group of passionate pug lovers who are committed to bringing the best quality products to like-minded individuals.

Our story of Maggie is a simple one.

Pugs are like little people, at least they link to think they are.  Our story begins with Maggie, a lovable furball who melted her way into our hearts in 2008.  It all started with a simple sentence, “We’re only going to just go an look”… well, that look melted our hearts and lead to 14 wonderful years with our baby girl!  Along the way we had wonderful adventures with her, from chasing her with a rotten tomato she stole from the garden to playing on the bed, to trips in the car to the park and more, and finally to bringing her everywhere we went in a stroller because it was too much any more for her to walk around.  They say that to you a dog is everything, but to Maggie, we were her entire world.  She gave endlessly, the love and devotion poured out of her until regrettably, her lungs, having been scarred by several cases of pneumonia over the years, finally stole her from us.  I’ll never forget that day, especially since it was the day before Thanksgiving…  She was rushed to the doctor only for us to be told the inevitable, that it was time for her to cross the rainbow bridge.  We were so blessed to have had her in our lives and miss her every single day.  She’s not the only lovable knuckle head we’ve had or currently have as well! For many years of her life we had a male counterpart, a male rescue named Berger (after Roethlisberger from the Steelers).  We inherited the name even though we weren’t steelers fans (we didn’t hold that against him 😉 ).  Together the two of them were two peas in a pod, they meant so much to each other!  We had lost our little boy several years before due to diabetes and had a void left in us then.

Since then we’ve gotten two more lovable chuckle heads, Cooper who is now almost three and Pepper who is almost four.  We had forgotten about the tumultuous young years, the chewing, the energy, the playing, digging, and more and although we’ve complained a little bit to each other about it, we love it all the same. 

No, life hasn’t been the same since Pug’s came into our lives, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Our love for pugs inspired us to create a brand that embodies the adorable and fun-loving nature of these furry creatures. We aim to bring that same joy and happiness to our customers through our high-quality products.

We believe that every item should be an experience. We offer a range products that are sure to delight pug lovers everywhere. From adorable pug-themed mugs and tumblers to stylish accessories, we have something for everyone.

Thank you for considering our brand, and we hope to share our love for pugs with you soon!